I love to find the answers to questions and then ask more. Asking questions and finding the answers is something I do in everyday life and my work. It’s one thing to be told why, but much better to answer that question yourself through your own analytics.

Currently I work as a digital marketer with a large focus on social media. I help to build social programs that are more than just some messaging that drive people to a website. I’ve worked with small startups and Fortune 500s. I always look to find better ways of doing everything I work on. There’s always room to make things even better or see greater results. Finding out how is the key, and the fun part.

In my personal life, I love to explore the world of craft beer. Traveling and visiting new breweries as we see an explosion of growth from the craft beer industry is something I do frequently. I’m never alone at any bar or brewpub as I can strike up a conversation with anyone and make a new friend. I’ve taken that love of craft beer and turned it into several related websites. Check them out on the Projects page.

Feel free to get in touch with me for any reason.  Check out the contact page for email, LinkedIn, and Twitter contact info.