Disruptive Branding: How to Win in Times of Change

Disruptive Branding: How to Win in Times of Change

These days, many believe your brand either disrupts or you’ll be disrupted. What’s required to disrupt others and keep your brand on the offensive? That’s what Disruptive Branding: How To Win In Times Of Change seeks to explore.

Disruptive Branding

Branding is a critical aspect to setting your business apart and achieving success. In a world filled with more and more options, standing out becomes a requirement. Disruptive Branding: How To Win In Times Of Change looks to provide a guide to brand your company/product and beat the competition. Sadly, it falls far sort of being helpful.

It begins with a horrid introduction. There is zero need to have a large paragraph summary of what you’ll be talking about in every single chapter within the introduction. Summarize what’s covered in the book but there’s no need to be so detailed or waste so much time. On that same line, there’s no need for a multi-paragraph explanation of what will be conveyed within each chapter, at the start of each. The topic should be able to be summarized in a sentence or two at the most, and no more time should be wasted with the salesman pitch.

There’s really nothing disruptive about what this book contains. It’s general branding. Basic concepts that anyone running a small company or working within marketing/PR should know from the start.

At the end of most chapters, a case study is presented. They’re weak, boring, and just an attempt to showcase the authors own work. Like many marketing books, it all feels like an attempt to sell their own services.

In the end, I’m not sure who the book is meant for. Any established brand would be far beyond the basics offered here. New brands shouldn’t be looking to trust branding to someone who has no background in the area, other than what they’ve read in this book. At the same time, the contents contained are far far too beginner for anyone with any amount of experience in branding.


Disruption is part of the business world we now live in. Though we would all rather disrupt than be disrupted, this book fails to help your do such, and is really missing an audience. They offer too little value, in an attempt to get you to hire their services rather than giving you the tools and knowledge needed to do it yourself, and that really destroys any worth from the read.

If you’re still interested in the few crumps of actionable advice it contains, grab a copy of Disruptive Branding: How To Win In Times Of Change on Amazon now. I’d suggest you pick up some better branding books while you’re at it too.

Author: Ben Brausen

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