Avoid These Annoying Actions For Stronger Social Followings

Avoid These Annoying Actions For Stronger Social Followings

We all want to build better social followings. The relationship we have with our followers is key to the success we see on social. We spend a ton of time building a following and connecting with them but there are some annoying actions that can hurt our social health. Here are the most offensive actions that you need to avoid.

What Your Followers Don’t Want To See

A recent Sprout Social study found the most annoying actions on social. They surveyed more than 1,000 users of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find what brands do that most negatively impact the relationship they have with their following.

Annoying Actions Brands Take On Social Media

Too Many Promotional Messages

It may seem obvious but sharing too many promotional posts tops the list of the most annoying actions. 57% of social media users think being too promotional is bothersome.

We get that you want to promote your products and business but don’t overdo it. Most people don’t follow brands simply to get promotions. If they wanted that, they’ll sign up for your mailing list. They follow brands because they want a more connected relationship with the products and brands they love. Give them that and less pushing of the wares.

Using Slang and Jargon

Every industry has its own slang and jargon. There’s a good chance your followers understand many of the these terms about your industry but that doesn’t mean they want to constantly be decoding the things you say in your social messages.

38.4% of social media users found using slang and jargon annoying and unfollowed brands for it. We know characters are at a premium and you want to sound like you know your stuff but the truth is that your followers don’t find it endearing. Social messages should be written so everyone can understand, without the need to go googling terms just to see what was said. Thx.

Not Having Any Personality On Their Accounts

Social media is a personal place, so it’s stunning to see how many brands lack any type of personality. 34.7% of people surveyed found it annoying when brands lack personality on social. You wouldn’t want to hang out with friends that have no personality, so why would you want to follow brands that lack it.

We connect most with brands we feel share similar personalities to us and embody characteristics we love too. If a brand lacks a relatable personality on social media, it’s unlikely we’re going to connect with them.

Not sure if your brand has a personality? Ask someone outside your company to give you their take on what personality your social presence has.

Trying To Be Funny When You’re Not

Not everyone is a comedian and there’s nothing worse than seeing someone try to be funny and fail. 32.3% are annoyed by brands trying to be funny when they’re not. A lot of this has to do with having a personality too. If you lack a personality, it’s going to be hard to connect with the jokes you make.

Also consider who writes your jokes and who your audience is. If the person writing your messages could be the father of most of your audience, your jokes are likely going to be as big a hit as dad jokes.

Check your jokes out with people at your company that most align with your audience. If they aren’t funny to them, they’re likely driving your audience away.

Not Replying To My Message

Social media should be social. It’s a 2-way street. A conversation shouldn’t be one sided and neither should your interactions on social media. When your audience takes the time to interact with you on social media, it’s no wonder 24.7% get annoyed when you don’t reply back.

Sadly, 7 out of 8 messages to brands on social go unanswered. We spend all this time trying to build an active and engaged social following and then when people try to engage with brands, they don’t answer back.

Don’t be that brand. It doesn’t take much to respond on social and with the bar set so low, it’s easy to delight those that engage with you by giving them a little response.

Avoid Annoying Actions

Building a great social following takes lots of work. Don’t throw it away by doing things that annoy your audience. By being aware of behaviors that may push people away, we can be sure we don’t piss people off. And you’ll be sure your followers are much happier customers.

Author: Ben Brausen

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