Study: Here’s What People Engage With On Facebook

Study: Here's What People Engage With On Facebook

Engagement on Facebook is what makes the site run. It’s also what marketers strive for most. Through all the changes to the newsfeed and content distribution, engagement has continued to be the key in getting your content seen. The more people engage with it, the more people see it.

So how do you get the most engagement from your Facebook posts? Post the most engaging types of content, right? Here’s what they are.

Facebook Interaction Rates By Content Type

A recent study by Adobe Social, the Adobe Digital Index’s Q3 Digital Advertising & Social Intelligence Report, offers a wealth of information about the current state of digital advertising, including content on Facebook. Below, we can see the interaction rates of various content types on Facebook.

Facebook Engagement Rate By Content Type 2015

While everyone is talking about native video on Facebook and its ability to engage users, video interactions have actually fallen compared to the same quarter last year. This is likely because the quantity of video has risen dramatically. There’s only so much we have time to engage with. Videos also see less than half of the interaction that images do, and rank about the same as link posts.

Of the various content types, link and text posts are the only types that have seen an increase in interactions in the past year, with link posts rising from 1.2% to 1.6% and text from 0.7% to 1.2%. While many forget the lowly text post, it saw the biggest gain in the past year and still has the ability to drive great engagement, when compared to link and video posts.

CTR on Facebook vs. Google

It’s also interesting to note, the study found that Facebook continues to best Google display network when it comes to CTR, with Facebook up 35% YOY while Google saw a jump of 25%.

Facebook vs. Google CTR 2015

When it comes to where you want to be spending your ad dollars, this data makes a good argument for putting a decent portion of your spend on Facebook. While ad impressions on Facebook declined by 13%, clicks were up 7%. This is good news for advertisers as it means people are responding better, while having less ads competing for their viewership.

Greatest Engagement

Knowing which types of content gather the best engagement on Facebook should help social media marketers pick the best mix of content types to be most engaging for their audience. By choosing a mix of content formats that are most likely to return the greatest engagement, we can not only see better success from our paid ad spend but also raise organic engagement rates too.

With Facebook continuing to outpace the Google display network, we continue to see that it’s a good idea to put your spend in social, over display.

Now that you know the best types of content for the greatest engagement, work this knowledge into your social plan and start seeing greater engagement today.

Author: Ben Brausen

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