How My Cat Delights His Twitter Followers Daily

TheCatTweeting On Twitter

Everyone knows that cats rule the internet. They rule social media too. With cats like Sockington gathering over 1 million followers, our furry friends often have more influence than celebrities. They’ve even become celebrities themselves.

With the many popular cats on Twitter, my cat Bucky wanted to get in on the action too. So he signed up for an account and started tweeting.

Like any Twitter account, the cat started with a fresh profile and dreams of ruling the world! Or at least getting a free cat treat deal one day. While tweeting pictures of himself each day was fun at first, it quickly became a bit time consuming as additional daily naps became necessary to balance his growing fame. The cat soon realized he needed a way to make it easier to fill his feed while also having enough time to feed himself and be able to sleep almost 20 hours a day. Here’s how Bucky keeps himself and his Twitter fans happy.

A Solution To His Fuzzy Little Problem

It was obvious that Bucky needed a solution to schedule his tweets so he didn’t have to be spending so much valuable nap time tweeting himself. So he came to me for advice (and petting) as he often does. I told him how Buffer was the key to his social scheduling needs. I’ve been a user and lover of the product for years now and use it for much of my personal and work posting. While he didn’t have the money for the Awesome Plan of his own (the dude won’t get a job but that’s another story for another time), I set him up on my personal account and he was ready to schedule.

Buffer makes scheduling tons of social messages a snap. The web dashboard makes it super simple for Bucky to upload countless pictures of himself to feed his ego…. eeeeer, share with his followers. Scheduling times can be set for when his followers are most likely to see his tweets and the frequency can be controlled to keep his followers begging for more cat cuteness. With the web browsing widget and mobile app (yes he has a cellphone, your 7 year old has one so why can’t the 8 year old cat?) he can add anything he comes across to his queue and keep the tweets coming.

TheCatTweeting Buffer Queue

In no time Bucky had filled his Buffer queue with countless pictures of himself along with cat related articles and funny kitty pictures. He had his social posting covered for days so he could concentrate on important things like replying to his fans and cleaning himself. His followers could have their daily Bucky fill, even if he slept most of the day.

Feline Fruition

With Buffer taking care of the daily tweet duty, Bucky’s following quickly grew. He began to build his empire of loyal subjects (in his own mind) and keeps them up to date with perfectly posted updates.

With the increased frequency of regular updates, he’s been able to post some great engagement numbers too. Take a look at one of his regular posts. Almost 500 engagements from 3,541 impressions gives him an engagement rate of 13.95%. Considering an average engagement rate for most companies is around 3%, there are businesses that would kill to have a following as engaged as his (note: you do need to consider the type of content he’s sharing compared to others).

TheCatTweeting Engagement

With followers happy to find new contend daily, they quickly shared Bucky’s exploits with their own following and his follower numbers continued to grow. He’s happy and content building his army of willing petters.

Internet Cat Star Rising. Or Sleeping.

Through the power of social media, my cat has been able to find and connect with many that share his love of licking himself, napping all day, and harassing humans. He’s found an engaged audience and shared a personal look into his own life with people around the world. With the help of Buffer, Bucky has been able to manage his busy posting schedule while still having time for himself (never-working/life balance is important to him). Buffer continues to ease the workflow for my cat, myself, and many others. Be sure to check it out and see how Buffer can make your social media management easier, just like it did for Bucky.

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Author: Ben Brausen

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