AI For Marketing and Product Innovation

AI for Marketing and Product Innovation

While artificial intelligence is still a ways off for some industries, it’s already having a real impact on marketing. How will it change the way we market and are marketed to? AI for Marketing and Product Innovation: Powerful New Tools for Predicting Trends, Connecting with Customers, and Closing Sales takes a look.

How We’ll Use AI For Marketing and Product Innovation

Our world is about to be transformed. Artificial intelligence will change how all of us work and how we live. AI For Marketing and Product Innovation explores some of the advantages marketers and product creators can harness with this new technology.

We look at the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with how they may be applied to marketing. Tasks they can carry out, and the various types of AI and ML that may be applicable to marketing, along with how they can be used to assist in various ways.

Much of the book explores how we could apply this technology to better inform us when looking at potential product/market fit, segmenting customers, and much more. Applying AI and ML to both creating a product and then marketing it to our audiences. Pricing and promotions, along with branding and advertising are all included, if some fairly briefly.

We round things out with a look at what the future of AI offers marketers and product creators. It’s a whirlwind trip through many of the ways we can apply this new technology to better serve our customers and help give our businesses the competitive edge.

While it covers a ton of topics, this book is much more for inspiration than execution. You get a taste of how AI may benefit your business, but not a lot of how to actually do such. For the hands-on, you’ll need to seek out other sources.

AI Innovation

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to have a huge impact on how marketers work (it already is). Though the insights provided in AI For Marketing and Product Innovation don’t dive really deep into details, allowing you to make it all happen, they do give you the overview and insight to start thinking about how you can use technology to transform your business.

Pickup a copy of AI For Marketing and Product Innovation: Powerful New Tools For Predicting Trends, Connecting With Customers, And Closing Sales from Amazon now and find new ways to give your brand a technology advantage today.

Author: Ben Brausen

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