In addition to my professional life, I also have a number of projects I work on for fun. Check out what each has to offer and feel free to drop me a line with any questions or comments.

Craft Beer Time – A website dedicated to craft beer, beer related gadgets, beer events, brewery news, and everything else in the world of our favorite beverage.  Looking for a cool bottle opener or a delicious beer recommendation?  This is the spot.  All kinds of craft beer gadgets that you never knew existed but have to have.  It’s always Craft Beer Time.

NE Mpls Beer – The growth of Minnesota breweries in the past few years has been huge.  One of the spots that has seen an explosion of breweries and taprooms is Northeast Minneapolis.  After hearing so many ask questions about about the area and where to drink, I put together a site that focuses on the breweries, bars, and other spots in the NE Minneapolis area to help inform visitors.

Minnesota Breweries – Like NE Mpls Beer, this site takes the same idea and expands it to all of the breweries in the great state of Minnesota.  Breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms, all in one place.  It’s great for planning a trip and seeing all the places you need to visit on your beer travels.

LinkedIn Publisher Posts – In addition to blogging here on my own site, I often post on LinkedIn too. The focus is around professional, social media, marketing, and business topics. Check out my thoughts there.