Book Review: Participation Marketing by Michael Brito

Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees to Participate and Become Brand Storytellers

Employee activation is one of the most powerful and underutilized tools available to every company. How do you create an employee advocacy program? Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees To Participate And Become Brand Storytellers by Michael Brito arms you with everything you need to succeed.

Participation Marketing

Many try but most fail to successfully create engaged employee advocacy programs. Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees To Participate and Become Brand Storytellers addresses the pieces of planning, buy-in, launching, proving ROI, and maintaining such programs.

Most employee advocacy programs fail due to lack of planning. It’s not as easy as asking employees to share your stuff.

Success starts with proper planning. Who will participate? How will you activate them? How will you measure success? What will you share? How will you get buy-in? Where will you get budget? These questions and many more must be answered long before launching.

Participation Marketing guides you through each of the pieces to building a successful program.

While mostly for those who will be building, launching, and managing these programs, there are some parts of this book that feel more focused towards the executive. They don’t fit in quite right with the rest of the information presented. Executive buy-in is required for success, but this book isn’t really written for people serving in those positions.

Sneaky Sales And Content Marketing

The foreword in written by the CEO of an employee advocacy platform. The tool is brought up throughout and then BAM, just as I feared, the final chapter about choosing a platform is just a sales pitch.

It feels like we’ve been tricked. This book seems to be a piece of content marketing for an engagement platform.

At least be honest up front. Let us know this is all leading up to a hard sell. Don’t surprise the user without warning.

This book would have been great if it had explored the many platform options available, instead of hard selling just one.

Just Avoid The Sale Pitch

Overall, Participation Marketing is filled with lots of actionable insights to building great employees engagement and advocacy programs.

Sadly, the single solution hard sell at the end leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Had the author been honest with their intent, this feeling of betrayal could have been avoided.

Those looking for a thorough guide to building a successful employee advocacy program will find it in this book. Just be sure to check out other platforms for your program, as there are many better options than the single one presented here. You may want to skip the entire last chapter to avoid the sell.

Grab your copy of Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees To Participate and Become Brand Storytellers by Michael Brito on Amazon now.

Author: Ben Brausen

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