Making Websites Win


Making Websites Win: Apply the Customer-Centric Methodology That Has Doubled the Sales of Many Leading Websites

You’ve got a website and visitors coming in but most aren’t buying. How do you turn web traffic into success? A new book called Making Websites Win: Apply The Customer-Centric Methodology That Has Doubled The Sales Of Many Leading Websites holds the answers you need.

How To Make Websites Win

While most marketers focus on how to get people to your site, few offer advice on what to do once you get them there. Dr. Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson are the founders of Conversion Rate Experts and their new book, Making Websites Win, is filled with the knowledge they’ve gained by helping Silicon Valley’s top companies crush the competition.

We start off with what most web designers miss. How websites fail to meet the needs of their visitors and how to discover what they really want. It seems so simple and yet so many think they know what visitors want, without bothering to look for the real answers right there in their data.

How are successful sites winning and how can your site too? You’ll learn the answers, with easy-to-understand explanations and strategies.

Understanding Your Users

The second section is an awesome guide to the best tools and techniques for improving your site.

Unlike many books that offer nothing better than high level advice like, “Give your customers what they want”, Making Websites Win gives you the tools needed to identify exactly what it is visitors want/need in order to convert.

Web analytics, click maps, session-recording, form-analytics, surveys, and more, they’re all here. Where most books provide one, maybe two, tools for the job, Making Websites Win offers numerous options to better understand your website visitors.

Each area of building the best site is explored and the tools needed for understanding that particular area of the site, or customer behavior, examined. These guys really know conversion rate optimization (CRO) and share that knowledge throughout this book.

Common Problems and Simple Solutions

The next section of Making Websites Win deals with common problems websites face, and simple solutions to solving them.

In an easy to follow problem:solution way, the book addresses many of the most common issues visitors face. Here’s the problem. Here’s the fix.

So many of these issues seem complex until you look at them in the way the Conversion Rate Experts lay things out. Suddenly it’s simple to see how you can solve user pain points and see huge increases in sales.

The Power Of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We end things with a case study that shows how conversion rate optimization helped grow one company by 470% in a single year. You’ll learn how the tools and solutions found throughout Making Websites Win were put to use in a real-world example, with awesome results.

You’ll see each move of the needle and what was done to make it happen. The change made and the reason it won.

Seeing CRO in action, and the results it can bring, is a great inspiration to end the book and applying the lessons and tools to your own site.

Get Converting

Dr. Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson provide you with the knowledge needed to understand your audience and give them exactly what they want. You’ll have an awesome understanding of the key features required, be able to see opportunities to improve your website, and then how to make the changes needed to win.

Get your copy of Making Websites Win (the Kindle version is only £1.99 on Amazon right now) and create a winning website that dominates your industry.

Author: Ben Brausen

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