Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding From Anywhere

Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere

Even before the pandemic hit, remote work was becoming more and more common. Once the COVID-19 crisis emerged, it’s now the new norm. Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding From Anywhere looks to give you the tools you need to find success outside the traditional office.

Remote Work Revolution

We live in a global economy and technology has allowed many of us to do our work from distributed places. Remote work is more prevalent now than at any other time. With COVID pushing the need to succeed out of the standard office, Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding From Anywhere is an introduction to the ideas of working remotely and the tools you may need.

As a remote work resource, this book is more focused on the manager or business leader. Those considering remote work and how they might manage a team remotely. If you’re looking for help getting through the day-to-day or aren’t in management you may not find a lot of help here.

The book addressed a couple of core questions, with each taking on its own chapter.

  • How Can We (Re)Launch To Thrive In Remote Work?
  • How Can I Trust Colleagues I Barely See In Person?
  • Can My Team Really Be Productive Remotely?
  • How Should I Use Digital Tools In Remote Work?
  • How Can My Agile Team Operate Remotely?
  • How Can My Global Team Succeed Across Differences?
  • What Do I Really Need To Know About Leading Virtually?
  • How Do I Prepare My Team For Global Crisis?

Just looking at the list above it’s simple to see one big problem with the topics covered. Had it been a normal year, these may have been questions you and those within your organization would need to think about when considering allowing remote work. But with the global pandemic, those of us that hold a job that can be done remotely have already been throwing into doing so. Most are already a year into working remotely by the time of this book’s release and have had to answer these questions long ago.

A strangely large amount of time is talking about agile teams. Unless you work in an agile environment it’s not needed and takes up far too much of the book. It would be better to have a book dedicated to remote in agile teams, rather than spending so much time in a more generalized book on the topic.

Remotely Relevant

Though it does offer some good advice for managers and those considering bringing their organizations remote, it all arrives a bit too late. Most remote teams already exist due to the global pandemic. They’ve figured out how to work together remotely long ago. While there may be some strategies and interesting insights, it simply arrived at the wrong time.

If you’re still interested in how agile teams can be arranged remotely, grab a copy of Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding From Anywhere on Amazon now.

Author: Ben Brausen

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