Virtual Reality Marketing: Using VR to Grow a Brand and Create Impact

Virtual Reality Marketing Using VR to Grow a Brand and Create Impact

Virtual reality has a promising future and is growing fast. See how your company can use it to your advantage in Virtual Reality Marketing: Using VR To Grow A Brand And Create Impact.

Virtual Reality Marketing

As with any new technology, VR presents opportunities if marketers can learn to properly master it. While Virtual Reality Marketing doesn’t have all the details, it does a good job of presenting the high-level things you’ll need to know when exploring VR marketing options.

The book begins by looking at the benefits of integrating virtual reality into your marketing efforts. It also examines the investments required to make it work.

Industry insight is provided from a number of folks already putting it to work for themselves and other brands. These are mostly VR companies working with big brands and it seems the same few friends of the author weigh in again and again, but it’s interesting to hear from those already putting VR into practice.

We then look at the various types of virtual reality. How people will consume your VR content is hugely important, as there are different requirements and limitations to each group. Light Mobile VR Headsets, Premium Mobile VR Headsets, PC VR Headsets all present different abilities and challenges to marketers looking to embrace VR.

Off-topic Elements

While most of the book presents relevant exploration of how VR may be used in marketing, the last couple sections feel a bit off. They’re more geared towards video production and editing folks, than those in marketing.

While VR production and requirements involved are looked at, they’re not generally going to be relevant to most marketers. Few of us will be shooting our own VR video and only the very largest will be setup to produce such content on their own. Usually this will involved hiring specialized companies and looking at such needs really seems outside the scope of what most marketers will need.

Lastly, VR cameras are examined. Again, this feels outside of what a marketer will need to concern themselves with. These models also change quickly in such a young and growing industry. It’s likely many of those mentioned aren’t even relevant by the time the book went to press, and the section could have been left out.

Getting Started With VR

Virtual reality is a compelling new type of content many marketers are considering utilizing. Virtual Reality Marketing: Using VR To Grow A Brand and Create Impact gives marketers the basics to getting started. While it would have been nice to dive a bit deeper into the marketing side (how to get buy-in, additional considerations, integration with other content), it’s a good starting point to get people considering what they can do with VR as a medium to reach consumers.

Grab a copy of Virtual Reality Marketing: Using VR To Grow A Brand and Create Impact on Amazon now and start thinking about the world of VR might immerse your audience.

Author: Ben Brausen

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