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Kenshoo Search Fundamentals Certified

Looking to pass the Kenshoo Search Fundamentals exam with ease? Here are the answers you need to make it happen.

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Answers For The Kenshoo Search Fundamentals Exam

The Kenshoo certification test is short and sweet. It’s not timed and consists of only 24 questions (unlike Google AdWords at 100 questions and Bing Ads certification at 50 questions). Here are the answers for each question on the exam.


What is a profile?

A search engine account

A super structure that can hold multiple campaigns across multiple publishers

Profiles are only relevant in Kenshoo Social

A profile is another word for “campaign”


What is the first screen that you’ll see once you log into Kenshoo?

Profile settings

Campaigns across all publishers

Analysis Grid, profile tab

None of the above


What is the one value that absolutely cannot be changed after creating a profile?

Profile name

Daily budget

Conversion Source

Profile Currency


Tracking level is defined as…

Where I want to see conversions show up. There are four options: keyword-level, ad-level, ad and keyword level, or none

Where I want the credit for my site link conversions to go

Where your URLs and tracking parameters will be defined

This isn’t something that I need to know since my tech lead worked with Kenshoo on the integration


How can you add and/or re-order the columns that you see in the Analysis grid?

Drag & Drop

“Columns” button

You can’t edit or re-order columns

Drag & Drop and “Columns” button


How can you sort and create filters in the Analysis Grid?

Sorting can be done by clicking on the column header

Quick filters can be found by hovering over the column header and clicking on the filter icon

Towards the right side of the screen, you’ll see a small pencil that will allow you to edit the existing filter

All of the above


You can share filters across profiles and/or with team members.




From which drop-down can you find Advanced Search?






How long does it take for advanced search to run?

5 seconds

5 minutes

5 hours

Run time is dependent on the number of campaigns, ad groups, and volume of data.


Elements can not be edited in the grid.




Default elements (Keyword, Ad Group, ad, etc.) definitions can be changed in which menu?

The Settings menu

The Actions menu

The View menu

The Management menu


Which is the correct header formant for adding the dimensions called “Season” to a bulksheet?


Dimension – Season




Fusion reports can include Dimensions and Categories.




Reports can only be scheduled Daily and Monthly.




You can define specific attributes to sync, when using campaign mirroring.




Which of the following is true about working with bulksheets?

To edit a keyword bulksheet, you’ll have to use the Keyword bulksheet

Rules can be set with bulksheets

Bulksheets must be imported in xls format

Bulksheets can have a maximum of 1000 rows


You’ve scheduled an action to run each day at 4:00pm, however you’ve noticed in the change log that the action doesn’t complete until 4:25. Why could this be happening?

You forgot to turn the schedule feature

You have an incorrect time setting selected

You have a very large set of data that’s being altered

All of the above


You wanted to change the text of a specific set of ads in Advanced Search, which action would you use?






Which of the following is not a tab in the Analysis Grid?






Which is not a Keyword Model Optimization Policy in Kenshoo?

Bid to Value

Bid to CPA

Bid to Position

Bid to Quality Score


When using the “Bid to ROI” policy type, which of the following is not a bid strategy that you can use?

“Set bids to achieve maximum Keyword ROI”

“Set bids to achieve a keyword ROI goal”

“Set bids to achieve a minimum keyword ROI”


You find yourself commonly navigating into your top performing profile and campaign. How can you create a shortcut?

Click the “Star” icon to save a Favorite View

Click the “+” icon to save as a Favorite View

Click “Favorite” to save a Favorite View

There is no way to create a shortcut in Kenshoo


In the analysis grid, you can not compare 2 date ranges.




Advertisers have the ability to decide which conversion metrics are aggregated to the total conversion column in the grid.




All The Right Answers

There you have it. That should be all the answers you need to get through the Kenshoo Search Fundamentals examination with flying colors and get certified.

Author: Ben Brausen

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