Facebook Rights Manager: What Marketers Need To Know

Facebook Rights Manager: What Marketers Need To Know

Facebook announced lots of big updates at their 2016 F8 conference. 360 video, Instant Articles for all, and more. With all the announcements, it seems many missed one of the biggest announcements for content creators, the Rights Manager. The new Facebook Rights Manager means great things for anyone creating video on the web. Here’s a look at the Facebook Rights manager and what marketers need to know about it.

Introducing The Facebook Rights Manager

The Facebook Rights Manager is a set of admin and workflow tools created to help publishers and creators manage and protect their videos on Facebook. It’s intended to help publishers protect their content and give them more control over how their videos are used on the social media network.

Facebook Rights Manager

The Rights Manager was created in response to growing concern over freebooting (people taking content created by others and posting it elsewhere without giving credit to the original creator/owner), which grew out of control as video became popular on Facebook. The tools provided in the Rights Manager will help video owners and creators to maintain their ownership of video content and how it’s used.

The Rights Manager gives publishers a number of abilities:

  • Upload and manage a reference library of your video content to monitor and protect. This allows publishers to upload their videos as references for Rights Manager to check against content across Facebook for potential infringement.
  • Create rules about how each video may be used. Publishers can specify if they’d like to allow or report copies of their videos being used, based on a number of criteria.
  • Identify new protected content matches. The Rights Manager dashboard will surface any matches of reference library or live video use on Facebook and alert the owner. They can also report potential copyright infringement or allow content to remain published.
  • Whitelist pages or profiles to allow them to use your content. Give specific parties permission to use your content without getting flagged by the Rights Manager.
  • Manage your content at large scale. The Rights Manager API allows developers to create or integrate with products that allow management of very large video libraries. This makes it easier for large publishers (like HBO or Sony) to manage the use of their content.

In addition to providing publishers with better tools for managing the ownership of their content, Facebook has also made a commitment to get better at managing IP claims and dealing with repeat offenders. They’re looking to grow and become more responsive at addressing issues as video grows on the platform.

What Facebook Rights Manager Mean For Marketers

With the addition of the Rights Manager, marketers can now better control how their content is used. They can prevent others from using and taking credit for the videos they worked hard to create.

In addition to preventing others from using their video, marketers now have the ability to find out who else is posting their videos. This can give great insight into which audiences are consuming your content. That information can be very valuable from a marketing perspective. We can then dig deeper to find out who these audiences are, and it can help indicate which pages we might want to build relationships with or identify potential influencers to work with.

Make The Most Of The Manager

The Rights Manager will give marketers not only more control over who uses their content but also a better understanding of those that choose to use their videos and who they’re reaching. By digging in and looking at how our content is used and the impact it’s having, we gain great insights into how we can craft content that’s more impactful and find new audiences we may want to reach in the future. You can learn more and sign up for the Facebook Rights Manager tool here.

Author: Ben Brausen

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