Twitter’s New Event Targeting Offers Marketers More

Twitter Event Targeting

When it comes to targeting people around events, Twitter is the platform of choice. When live events happen, people turn to Twitter to share everything that’s going. Be it the Super Bowl, the presidential election, or the World Cup, Twitter is the social network people use for news and commentary.

Marketers have long targeted those watching and attending events on Twitter. We researched the events and when they were happening. We determined keywords and hashtags related to them and we identified users that had previously talked about them. It took a lot of effort, but it also got great results. Now Twitter has announced new event targeting options to make all of this easier. Here’s what it looks like and why it’s so sweet for marketers.

Events With Ease

The new Twitter event targeting makes the entire process easy. Want to see upcoming events that may be of interest? Simply look at the Twitter calendar. They show everything from major global events, to sports, holidays, TV shows, music, politics and more. You can easily filter by the event type, location, or date to find the events you want.

Browsing Twitter Event Targeting

Once you’ve found your event, Twitter offers lots of useful data about those that will likely see it. At the basic level you can see the total reach of the event, the gender balance, and device usage. An even more detailed breakdown of the event offers tweet impressions, number of tweets, and highlighted tweets to show you what was hottest the last time it happened.

Twitter allows you to target not only people that were actively tweeting about and engaging with the event but those that were passively viewing it too. You can also combine the event targeting with other targeting options to really zero in on the people you want. Looking for females that are watching NASCAR and are U.S. military? You can target just them by simply applying the event targeting along with interest and gender targeting to your event targeting.

Even for those not looking to spend money on paid Twitter advertising, the information Twitter makes available from the event targeting data can help inform. In seconds you can see that 52% of those that watch the MLB Playoffs use iOS devices compared to just 22% on Android. Creating your baseball playoffs app on iOS looks like a safe bet thanks to that information.

Thaumaturgic Tweet Targeting

In beta testing event targeting with The Championships, Wimbledon 2015 and The Open, St. Andrews 2015, one advertiser saw an improvement in average engagement rate ranging from 73% to 110%, compared to traditional targeting. That’s an awesome increase from using even simpler event targeting than before. The event targeting options offer a far easier way for marketers to reach those they want to see their messages and gives anyone a wealth of information about those interested in these events. Target your next event with this new option and start seeing better results from your paid campaigns today.

Author: Ben Brausen

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