Why Your Mobile-Friendly Site Still Lost Search Traffic

Google Mobile-Friendly Down

It’s April 21st which means Google Mobilegeddon is upon us. Starting today websites that are not mobile-friendly will begin to see a substantial drop in mobile search ranking on Google (some websites have already seen changes in the past weeks). While this move has many crying that Google is trying to screw them, the change¬†is a great one as it is finally pushing many to make the user experience for mobile viewers an acceptable one. Mobile web usage now beats out desktop browsing but even so, many have been very slow to give mobile users a decent experience. This move by Google was just the kick in the ass that many needed to make that change.

You saw the announcement back in February. You worked hard to update your site to be mobile-friendly, or maybe you were ahead of the crowd and already had a mobile-friendly site. With the switch being flipped April 21st, you figured you were all set to make it through without issue. So why is your search traffic still dropping? The answer may not be about your site at all.

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