Why Foursquare Must Be Part Of Your Local SEO Strategy

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When it comes to getting people into your business, local SEO is a must. While Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and other local directories are likely part of your optimization plan, there may be one piece you’re forgetting about. Here’s why Foursquare must be part of your local SEO strategy.

The Foursquare Piece

Foursquare started as the social network that allowed you to check-in to local businesses and let your friends know where you are. They were one of the early pioneers of gamification and later split the check-ins off to their Swarm app, while turning Foursquare into more of a local review platform.

Though they may have faded a bit from their higher popularity back before the split, Foursquare is still going strong and is an often overlooked part of local SEO optimization. Not only is it another free and well ranking local business directory, more importantly Foursquare has become an aggregator of local listings.

Numerous apps make use of the Foursquare API to pull in local listings and if you aren’t listed with Foursquare, you aren’t being seen. Neglecting to list your business with Foursquare misses not only a great site for local optimization but also means you aren’t being seen by millions using apps that make use of their data.

Lush Listings

A successful local optimization strategy means using all the resources at your disposal and including your business in any relevant and high-quality directory you can find. Foursquare meets those requirements and has the added benefit of being used by countless other apps for accurate location information. It’s overlooked by many, but remains an important place to list your local business.

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Author: Ben Brausen

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