Traversing The Traction Gap

Traversing The Traction Gap

Countless startups are created each year, yet more than 90% fail. Where did they go wrong? Learn the secrets to startup success in the area most faulted, in Transversing The Traction Gap.

The Challenge Of Traversing The Traction Gap

Traction is critical to any startup hoping to acquire the growth necessary to attract (and continue to attract) investment from venture capitalists. Transversing The Traction Gap gives a detailed look at the strategy and tools required to achieve this required growth and startup success.

The steps needed to gain growth are broken down into four parts:

  • Learning The Gap
  • Getting There
  • Navigating The Gap
  • Scaling To Success

In Learning The Gap, you’re given an initial framework to structure your startup growth approach and an understanding of why growth and traction are so important to startups.

Getting There looks at how you can apply the Traction Gap Framework, approaching your product category, and navigating the initial product release.

The requirements to reach minimum viable product, minimum viable repeatability, and minimum viable traction are covered in part three, Navigating The Gap.

With minimum viable traction achieved, Scaling To Success looks at how you can take the traction you’ve gained and supercharge it to get the growth required to hit each milestone required for ongoing VC interest and investment.

Starting with the required knowledge needed to launch a startup and approach product design and differentiation, Transversing The Traction Gap provides the frameworks and advice needed to plan and successfully launch your startup. Bruce speaks from experience he and Wildcat Venture Partners have encountered with numerous startups. Many issues you may never have considered are covered, and while the advice is largely SaaS-specific, it can be applied to any product offering with a little adjustment.

Narrowing The Gap

Successfully gaining and sustaining traction is critical to the success of any startup hoping to succeed in attracting investor interest. Transversing The Traction Gap is a great guide to gaining and understanding the knowledge you’ll need as you approach the launch and operation of your startup. Frameworks, helpful advice, and experienced insights provide much of the education required to approach a new venture with the greatest chance of succeeding.

Grab a copy of Transversing The Traction Gap on Amazon now and get the tips, tools, and advice needed to give your startup the best-chance to make it big.

Author: Ben Brausen

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