Gmail’s Latest Change Means You Need To Up Your Email Game

Gmail Block

Last week, Gmail adds a new Block feature. It allows users to easily block messages from a sender within the email service. All future emails from that sender will be sent to the spam folder. They’ve also added the easy unsubscribe to their Android app.

While this change may not seem like a big deal, it could have a big impact on your email marketing success. Here’s why.

Why Is This Important?

Gmail is home to over 900 million users. It’s the largest email service in the world. Look at any email list and chances are good that a large percentage will be Gmail users.

Because Gmail users make up such a large number of email list subscribers, any changes to Gmail can greatly impact the success of email marketing campaigns.

With this change to the email service, users can now block emails easier than ever before. That means if they see something they don’t care for, your message (and all future messages) could be headed for the spam folder from now on.

How Can You Keep From Getting G-Blocked?

The addition of the blocking feature most likely means we will see a bit of an increase in blocked emails. This means you need to step up your game when it comes to what you’re sending subscribers. Good enough isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to raise the bar and make sure you’re only sending the best.

Scrutinize your outgoing emails even more than before. Make sure every detail is perfect. Be certain it’s something people would want to receive, not something you just want them to see. Remember that they can block you easier now if they don’t like what they get and the chances of you ever getting unblocked are slim.

Think Before You Send

With the new block feature available in Gmail users can now block emails with ease. That could mean your messages if you don’t watch out. By putting a lot of thought into what you’re sending your mailing lists, you can prevent your messages from seeing the spam folder and increase your conversions while you’re at it. Think before you send and your emails should still remain being seen without issue.

Author: Ben Brausen

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