Does It Help When I ‘Like’ My Company Facebook Posts?

Does It Help When I 'Like' My Company Facebook Posts?

With Facebook page post reach decreasing for many brands over the years, companies look to do anything they can to increase their reach (try posting content your audience really wants to see, rather than just what you want them to see). In hoping to increase the success of their company posts we often see employees Liking everything they share. While employees may think they’re helping out, they really aren’t. Here’s why.

Why Liking Your Company Posts Won’t Help

‘Like’ your company posts all you want, it won’t help boost their reach. Facebook is far smarter than those that like everything.

When you ‘Like’ a post, it helps increase the reach of that piece of content. But with time, Facebook learns which brands you like a lot. The boost your ‘Like’ gives their posts decreases with time. Those that like everything they see from a brand eventually add no boost to their reach at all. This is because it’s clear that these super-fans don’t care about WHAT is posted. Why boost the reach of a post when the content of it doesn’t matter? Much like your friend that won’t ever shut up about some band or other topic, we (and Facebook) quickly learn to discount¬†everything they have to say, to the point where it has no impact on our feelings about the topic.

If your employees like everything your company shares, Facebook will quickly move to make sure their Likes have no impact on the post reach. All it’ll do is mean they see more of your posts, but others won’t. By liking everything they’ve now given away their ability to increase the reach of posts.

Liking everything your company posts also impacts insights. It makes it impossible for social media analysts to tell if a post really engaged and hit home for their audience, or if employees were just clicking ‘Like’ because they feel they have to do so for everything posted. Employees can negatively impact our ability to tell which content is gold and which is junk, which makes it far harder to guide social strategy and success going forward.

Stop Liking Everything

We’re glad you like what your company is sharing on Facebook. It’s a great to be engaged with your own business on social and employee engagement can be big in increasing the impact of your social success. But employees that like everything you have to share end up having far less impact than those that are more selective and give genuine likes.

Stop liking everything and take a step back. If you wouldn’t ‘Like’ the post if you didn’t work for the company then don’t ‘Like’ the post. Liking only content that really appeals to you not only gives the social media marketers at your company a better idea of what is truly engaging, but it also means that you won’t lose the ability to help boost the reach and success of company posts. Be genuine and only ‘Like’ what you really like.

Author: Ben Brausen

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