How To Increase Social Media Engagement By 110%

Social media engagement is huge. Without it, there’s no reason to be on social. But while marketers crave engagement, recent changes to social networks have often made it harder to get the same engagement rate we use to grab. Fear not! You can increase your Twitter engagement by 110% or more using this simple form of content few businesses are using.

More Engaging Media

We’ve long known that images increase engagement on social media. Back in the early days of social, simply attaching an image could more than double your engagement rates. At that point, most weren’t using images in their posts, so it was easy to stand out by simply attaching one. But times have changed and now most businesses are including images and videos in nearly all posts. You need something more to stand out these days.

Cinemagraphs are the key to greater engagement today. They’re a still image that has parts animated with repeat motion and are similar to Apple Live Photos. They really grab the attention of folks on social media.

A recent study by Microsoft found that advertisements that featured cinemagraphs targeting SMBs saw an increase of 110% compared to just a 1.96% increase in engagement from ads with still photos on Twitter. Facebook ads which utilized cinemagraphs enjoyed an increased engagement rate of 85% compared to just 0.83% with still images. And in addition to the greatly increased engagement, cinemagraph ads decreased the cost per engagement on Instagram by 45% compared to $0.81 for still images.

Cinemagraph Engagement Increase

These huge increases in social media engagement are possible from switching to a unique form of digital media you can create yourself. Here’s how.

Creating Your Own Cinemagraphs

Creating awesome looking cinemagraphs that engage your audience and gain you more social media success is simple. While you can use a combination of Photoshop and After Affects to create great cinemagraphs, there’s a far easier way, and one anyone use.

Cinemagraph Pro from Flixel allows anyone to make amazing cinemagraphs with ease. Simply load a video, select the clip length for the loop, then paint the area you’d like to animate. It’s that simple. You can create professional content in a matter of minutes. While the software (available for Mac and iOS) allows you to apply filters and tweak small details, it really is that easy to make more engaging content.

Take a look at the gallery on the Flixel site to gain some inspiration and learn just what can be achieved with cinemagraphs and a bit of imagination, then try it for yourself. The Mac and iOS app are both free to try and you can see just how easily they allow you to make more engaging social media content. I’ve been using Cinemagraph Pro for some time now and my social media audiences love the magic I’ve created using this software.

Give It A Try

So now you know the secret to increasing your social media engagement by 110% or more. Using cinemagraphs and simple software to bring them to life, you can see better results from your social investment and delight your audiences with a unique type of content they haven’t been over exposed to.

Give Cinemagraph Pro a try. It’s free and super simple to use. Flixel provides tons of great tutorials and if you fall in love with it the way I have, you can save 10% on Cinemagraph Pro with promo code FLIXELTEN and clicking this link to buy.

Author: Ben Brausen

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