Study: Brands Are Getting Better At Social Response

Question Response Rate On Facebook

Awesome news, a new Socialbakers survey found that customers are asking more questions than ever and more importantly, brands are answering them more than they have in the past. Despite a 3.2% increase in customer demand this quarter, brands are responding to a record high 76% of questions on Facebook. In addition to responding to more inquiries, they’re also responding faster, with an average of less than 27 hours per post. This is great news for both customer and brand!

So Now What?

Things are headed in a great direction. Now we need to bring that rate from 76% to 100%. There are still 24% of questions that go unanswered and we can fix that. Social media is a great customer service tool and we have the opportunity to provide a great customer experience with it. Keep tabs on all incoming inquiries and answer them whenever possible.

Expected Social Response Time

In addition to improving response rates, the response time has lots of room for improvement. While the average response time has fallen to under 27 hours per post, consumers still expect much faster. They want a social response within an hour and even less ideally. Social media is a real-time place and customers want real-time responses to their problems, just as they’d get if they called you or walked into one of your locations.

Social Response For Social Success

Social response is a critical part of overall social success. Social media shouldn’t be just a megaphone for amplifying your messages. Social works best when it’s a two-way conversation. Help make it one and increase your social interactions by responding as real-time as possible.

Now is the time to start if you aren’t already actively serving responses on social. If you’re just getting started, check out this great guide to using social media for customer service by Buffer. For those that are already getting back to your inquirers, there’s still room for improvement. Be sure to check out all the great data in the Socialbakers Social Customer Care study and give your inquisitors the speedy social response they expect and deserve.

Author: Ben Brausen

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