How My Cat Delights His Twitter Followers Daily

How My Cat Delights His Twitter Followers Daily

TheCatTweeting On Twitter

Everyone knows that cats rule the internet. They rule social media too. With cats like Sockington gathering over 1 million followers, our furry friends often have more influence than celebrities. They’ve even become celebrities themselves.

With the many popular cats on Twitter, my cat Bucky wanted to get in on the action too. So he signed up for an account and started tweeting.

Like any Twitter account, the cat started with a fresh profile and dreams of ruling the world! Or at least getting a free cat treat deal one day. While tweeting pictures of himself each day was fun at first, it quickly became a bit time consuming as additional daily naps became necessary to balance his growing fame. The cat soon realized he needed a way to make it easier to fill his feed while also having enough time to feed himself and be able to sleep almost 20 hours a day.¬†Here’s how Bucky keeps himself and his Twitter fans happy.

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