Link Building Is Dead. Here’s Why.

Link Building Is Dead. Here’s Why.

RIP Link Building

Years ago, link building was the thing to do if you wanted your website to be found. Much of how a site was ranked in search was based on how many backlinks it had and to a point, it still is. Search engines reasoned that those with the more sites linking to them must have fairly good authority and ranked them highly because of it.

Soon it became common practice for marketers to focus on generating as many linkbacks to their own website as possible. Tools like Scrapebox made creating hundreds or thousands of links possible in minutes. Search engines wised up and began including far more elements in their ranking algorithms than simply linkbacks and the importance of building links became less.

While a recent study by Moz found that backlinks are still important, the practice of building links for SEO is dead. Here’s why it needs to be laid to rest.

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